Coming straight from the UK Games Expo Trade Show, X-Wing Wave 9 is announced. Protectorate Starfighter, Special Forces TIE, Shadow Caster and ARC-170.

FFG Announcement Article Here

We'll be updating this posts with our initial findings!

In the Flesh!


Wave 9 Overview


Protectorate Starfighter


From the card fan:
Stats: 3-3-4-0 Actions:Focus, T-l, Barrel Roll, Boost Slots: Torpedo upgrade (and the obligatory EPT) Pilots PS: 1 3 5 6U 7U 9U. 2 Tallon Roll Visible on the dial.

Title - Concord Dawn Protector (1pt) - "When defending if you are inside the attackers firing arc and at Range 1 and the attacker is inside your firing arc, add 1 evade result"
EPT - Fearless - Unknown text, something to do with hits

Initial Impressions:
Let's get down to business with the backward Scyk! First impressions - huh, 6 ship cards and 2 upgrades? That's new. Also another PS9, lets hope he's better than Talonbane!

The Fang is interesting - clearly this is a no-nonsense stripped-down fighter. With Boost + Roll it looks to be the ace that scum have been lacking. No evade action, but Autothruster access and +1 evade at R1 when jousting from Concord Dawn Protector is great. A lot will depend on the dial, but if we have some green turns expect to see Fenn Rau everywhere - Fenn + Title + Autothrusters + PTL seems like a good way to spend 34 points (Hello 5 dice R1).

If FFG follow their typical costing convention, we're looking at 20ish for the PS1. Add in a point for the title and you've actually got a pretty effective blocker.

Tie Special Forces


From the card fan:
Stats: 2*-2-3-3 Actions: Focus, T-l, Barrel Roll Slots: Systems + Tech + Missile (EPT on the top ace at least). Pilots PS: 3 5 7U 9U

"Quickdraw" - Once per round when you lose a shield token you may perform a primary weapon attack - 29
2x Unknown Upgrades, Unknown System, Unknown Tech

Initial Impressions
Ah the much anticipated TIE/SF. Auxiliary arc on small ships? Cool! Special Ops Training is basically some extra text on the pilot card, that's fine though, more design space for FFG. 3 dice out the front or 2 shots out the front and back - awesome! There's going to be that time when you pull off 2 shots on the same large base ship, and you feel like an X-Wing god.

The rest of the statline is very bomber-esque, but that's good - bombers are tough and the Imperials don't need more token stacking aces! System slot on an ace type ship has potential, FCS is great, as is Advanced Sensors. Tech doesn't see much use outside of Comm-Relay, but I hope we see some cooler stuff.

Another PS9 pilot? I detect a theme. Damn that is a seriously funky ability! Kind of like Dengar-lite, but with Action phase shooting - a brave new world! Most reliable way I've thought to trigger it thus far is electronic baffle + red move (bonus - get an action AND an extra shot when you k-turn).

Shadow Caster


From the card fan
Stats: 3-2-7-3 Actions: Focus, T-l, Evade, Slots: EPT + Crew + 2x Illicit Pilots: PS 2, 5(U), 6(U), 7(U). Green 3 bank on the dial.

Ketsu Onyo - 38: At the start of the Combat phase you may choose a ship at Range 1. if it is inside your primary and mobile firing arcs, assign 1 tractor beam token to it.

12x Upgrades: 4 released: VI, Counter Measures, Tactical Jammer x2
8x Unreleased Upgrades:
2x Black ??? Slice
Unique - IG? - Crew?
Unique - Ket? - Crew? Ketsu Onyo?
Unique - Latts Razzi - When defending, you may remove 1 stress token ???
Illicit - Ri? Cargo - Large
Modification - Gyro Tar
Unique - Title - Shadow Caster: After you perform an attack that hits, if the defender is inside your mobile firing arc and at Range 1-2 you may assign the defender 1 tractor beam token

Debris token. Article mentions forcing tractor beam tokens to remain.

Initial Impressions
I thought Ketsu's Shadow Caster was really cool when I saw it in Rebels, glad to see it in the game! Huh, mobile firing arc, interesting. Action cost to move it seems expensive, although as Ketsu shows, they might not be that mobile?

Between Ketsu and Shadow Caster Title, this ship seems to be king of the tractor beams (which is interesting, for a ship that can't take a tractor beam!) Ketsu strikes me as an ace hunter - those imperial aces do hate tractor tokens, no surprise that veteran instincts is included in the pack!

Sabine is exploring the same space that Norra is with adding focus results. Adding focus is interesting - do you build around having extra focus (looking at you, Recon Specialist), or do you build in some re-rolls with someone like Dengar crew, so you aren't so dependent on the focuses? Maybe Sabine wants to make good use of those extra illicit slots for glitterstim?



From the card fan
Stats: 2*-1-6-3 Actions: Focus, T-l Slots: Crew + Astromech + Torpedo (+EPT) Pilots: 3U, 4U, 6U, 7U. 6 Green Manoeuvres (speeds 1&2) - Including 2 bank - from dial

"Norra Wexley" - PS7 - When attacking or defending, you may spend a target lock you have on the enemy ship to add 1 to your roll. - 29

4x Unknown Upgrades:
Tail Gunner, Unknown upgrade, Unknown Modification - Vec Thru - Small ship only. Looks like a barrel roll upgrade? Unknown Torpedo.

Initial Impressions
ARC170 - I can hear the lamentations of prequel haters! The stat-line is a little uninspiring (fairly B-Wing-esque), but the auxiliary arc is interesting. The combination of droid and crew has potential, although the go-to seems to be regeneration droids at the moment.

Nien-Nunb + R2-D2/BB-8 seems an obvious combo, and Norra Wexley might see use of Weapons Engineer, or perhaps some astromechs around target locks from the depths of Wave 1-3? How about C-3P0 + R2-D2 (droid) for an ARC that never dies? Yeah I'm not sure either...

I do think that both Shara Bey and Norra feel a little expensive at 28 and 29, as neither of their abilities really work on their own. They require some investment into some not cheap upgrades, and they end up expensive fast, but not really ending up any more survivable for their trouble. Norra adding dice is an interesting mechanic however.