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Once the smoke clears, Kai Krupp [of Germany] and Piotr Kuc [of Poland] are left standing in the final of the Coruscant Invitational. Kai having gone undefeated in his group; Piotr with the highest MOV record in his group.

Both players independently decide to use their Scum & Villainy squads for the final match. Let's quickly recap what those were:

Kai Krupp (Scum)

Guri (30)
Attanni Mindlink (1)
Sensor Jammer (4)
Autothrusters (2)
Virago (1)

Palob Godalhi (20)
Attanni Mindlink (1)
Autoblaster Turret (2)
Intelligence Agent (1)
Cloaking Device (2)
Stygium Particle Accelerator (2)

Manaroo (27)
Attanni Mindlink (1)
Extra Munitions (2)
Plasma Torpedoes (3)
4-LOM (1)
Guidance Chips (0)

Total: 100

Piotr Kuc (Scum)

Dengar (33)
Push the Limit (3)
"Gonk" (2)
R5-P8 (3)
Feedback Array (2)
Engine Upgrade (4)
Punishing One (12)

Guri (30)
Lone Wolf (2)
Sensor Jammer (4)
Autothrusters (2)
Virago (1)

Total: 98

Turn 0


Kai (left with green bases) is given initiative and deploys first. He places Guri in the centre and Manaroo on the flank, with Palob inbetween. Piotr (right) places both of his ships in the corner.

Turn 1


Kai opens with an aggressive move towards the centre and immediately banks towards Piotr's corner, anticipating the approach. Piotr responds with a large forward by Guri and a slow forward by Dengar.

Turn 2


Kai inches forward slightly with Palob/Guri and banks inwards with Manaroo. Piotr maintains speed with Guri and barrel-rolls towards the edge with Dengar.

Turn 3

Kai begins his engagement...
...but Piotr dodges away with Guri

Kai manages to get all three of his ships pointing towards the zone of engagement he has created. Piotr expertly dodges away with Guri, but has left Dengar exposed in the middle. Instead of turning in (triggering his ability), he moves forward with Dengar and is forced to barrel-roll inwards to avoid the Starviper's Range 1 attack.

Piotr uses Push the Limit with Dengar to take a Target Lock on Guri. However, he decides to attack Manaroo (who loses 2 Shields). Neither Guri has arc.

Manaroo spends her Target Lock (on Dengar) to fire the Torpedo, promptly removing all his Shields. In return, R5-P8 triggers and Manaroo now has 1 Shield remaining. This isn't a particularly good trade for Piotr.

Palob's Cloaking Device malfunctions

Kai rolls a failure on the Illicit Cloaking Device, forcing a Decloak manouevre to the left - likely preventing any left-turns from Dengar to clear his stress.

Turn 4

Both players spend quite some time tentatively placing their dials for this important turn

Kai and Piotr both send their respective Guri circling around the asteroid. Manaroo banks inwards some more and Palob performs a simple 1-Forward to get in the way of Dengar.

Alex Davy assists with the bumping

Dengar rolls an unmodified attack on Manaroo, doing no damage. Palob uses his Autoblaster Turret, inflicting 2 Damage on Piotr's Guri, who in turn blanks a second attack roll in a row against Manaroo.

Manaroo, lastly, rolls a natural Crit Hit Hit at Range 1 into Dengar. Dengar promptly takes a Structural Damage (Reduce your Agility value by 1) damage card.

Turn 5

Piotr moves his Guri into position and doesn't bump!

On the fifth turn, Kai bumps his Manaroo into the side of Dengar while Guri swings around the asteroid some more. Piotr performs a hard turn with Guri and does not bump into Guri. Dengar reveals his dial, leap-frogging the engagement...


Dengar now shoots at Manaroo, dealing 2 Damage. Kai's Guri shoots at Dengar (unobstructed) at Range 3, dealing another 2 Damage (Piotr rolls all-eyeballs on 3 Dice).

Piotr's Guri rolls a Crit Hit Hit against Manaroo, who blanks the defence roll and takes a Direct Hit. Manaroo is destroyed!

Turn 6


Both Guris begin to circle each other, with Piotr expertly avoiding the dangerous Range 1 turret on Palob. Dengar escapes with a bank towards the home edge, barrel-roll behind the debris and bank-boost past the asteroid. Very slim channel to fly through with such a large ship.

Dengar has a single Hull point remaining. There are no shots this round.

Turn 7


No shots this round either, as Kai's two ships begin slowly setting up their angle of attack on Dengar. It's looking quite bleak for Piotr at this point. Neither of Kai's two ships are damaged at all.

Turn 8

Measuring range...

With Piotr's Guri far out of position, Kai commits to his attack and launches ahead. Piotr moves Dengar forward, attempts to flip the Structural Damage (fails) and then takes a Focus (promptly stolen by Palob). Everyone watching assumes this is now the end of Piotr's chances at victory.

However, Dengar shoots at Kai's Guri, rolling Crit Hit Eye. Kai rolls his defence dice, forgetting his opportunity to use Sensor Jammer on the Hit result, and blanks out - losing a shield and taking 1 Critical Hit. Very unfortunate.

In return, Guri shoots at Dengar, rolling Crit Hit Hit. Dengar promptly dies. But due to the new FAQ ruling, he does get to trigger his abilities before being removed from the table. Piotr rolls a Hit for R5-P8, dealing 1 more damage to Guri. Piotr then delivers a stunning final shot, dealing 2 Damage to Guri.

Dengar (previously on 1 Hull) and Guri (previously undamaged) are removed from the table during the same round; a total game-changer.

Turn 9


With the mood of the game completely changed, Piotr attempts to capitalise on his luck with an aggressive approach from his Guri (3 Hull remaining). Kai, conservatively after that loss, begins to turn Palob (undamaged) around.

Piotr is acutely aware that getting into Range 1 of Palob and his Autoblaster Turret means certain death; Kai knows that he can't hope to survive long outside of this range if Guri is allowed to repeatedly take shots.

Turns 10-16

So begins the chase.
Several turns of careful decoy moves and feints.
Neither player letting the other get a preferable angle of attack.
At this moment I'm reflecting on the fact that we've got both a HWK-290 and a Starviper on-table in the final of a major tournament

Turn 17

Finally caught.

Eventually, Piotr manages to catch the elusive Palob without getting too close. He rolls 3 Hits and Kai defends well with 2 Evades, but this is death by a thousand cuts, and Palob has only 2 Hull remaining.

Turn 18-19

We begin to circle some more...

Turn 20


Kai can't run forever, and Guri secures her prey at last. Palob goes down at last.


Piotr Kuc from Poland becomes the winner of the Coruscant Invitational 2016 with a strong performance throughout and spectacular comeback swing at the end.