Although I used to be a big Star Wars fan, I didn't get into X-Wing until Wave 4. I am a huge fan of the TIE Fighter series of videogames and as such, I needed to get a model of the TIE Defender in my hands. I also liked the look of the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor, and of course I needed to get an X-Wing...

I didn't play that much of the actual game until I found out that Andy Brazier, one of my old university friends, was also playing the game. I started coming to Dark Sphere to play and eventually played in a few tournaments as well, which I enjoyed immensely. One of the first chances I had to interact with the 186th was when I subbed in for a missing player at the UK Team Championship in Milton Keynes, and they all seemed awesome people (as well as extremely good players)!

Apart from X-Wing I'm also into board wargames (mostly hex-and-counter games) and board games of all types, but X-Wing is the only game that I've attended competitions for.

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