I've always been a star wars fan and when Fantasy Flight Games announced Star Wars Armada i was so excited i decided to get into their other game, X-wing, and this is where my X-wing addiction started. It wasn't long before i had more ships than i knew what to do with!

My first tournament was at Dark Sphere in early 2015 and from there i was at Dark Sphere every week and did at least two to three tournaments a month, making loads of friends and getting invited to join the 186th.

My Highlight of 2015 has to be going to Denmark to participate in the Nordic Nationals. I had a great time, the food was awesome and I ended up winning the Nordic Armada Nationals. This then lead to me going to Worlds for Armada with the help of the 186th and some sponsors (Dark Sphere, Warboar Games, Ibuywargames & Cog'o'two).

I'm now splitting my time playing both Armada and X-wing and look forward to many more tournaments to come.

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