Greetings Imperial citizen! On this section of the Galactic Holonet you can read about the illustrious careers of the noble officers of the Imperial Navy. My name is Michael Dennis and I hail from Tyrena on Corellia. We Corellians are known for building the best star fighters in the galaxy. We are also ace pilots. It’s hard not to want to compete to be the best when you’re flying with Corellians, and we all know the best pilots fly with the Imperium, so I signed up the moment I was of age. I started out my career as a TIE Fighter pilot. My recent tours include the battles of Endor, Yavin and Naboo. Now that I have achieved the rank of Captain I have elite pilots under my command and can lead Squadrons of up to eight TIE fighters. As part of my duties I contribute to the Imperial broadcasts with Admiral Birt and Midshipman Dowdall.

Hail the Empire!

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