I've been playing X-Wing since a little after Wave 2 was released, from when I picked up the core set around Summer 2013. Unfortunately this was at a time when there weren't many places to play and most of my games were at tournaments (where I met future Squad mates Janus and Gary). When Dark Sphere moved to Hercules Road I soon found regular opponents and a new place to play, and then Jon started the league.

I tend to be a jack-of-all trades, master of none when it comes to X-Wing, not helped by also playing two of FFGs LCGs, Conquest and Star Wars, as well. I play all 3 factions in equal measure, but started off with Imperials, then moved to Rebels and jumped on Scum as soon as they were released. I'm normally found running 2-3 ship builds, and am currently loving the Ghost & YT-2400 combo.

I attend tournaments when I can (playing multiple FFG games makes for quite a few clashes), but can normally be found playing down at Warboar / Paradice in Bromley.

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