I've been a huge Star Wars fan since the age of 4 and began playing X-Wing at Christmas 2013 with Richard, when I got it for Christmas. I started going to Dark Sphere in January 2014 where I met Andrew, Gary, Mark, Jonny, Janus and Simon and we began playing there regularly. I ran a league at Dark Sphere in the autumn/winter of 2014, which the majority of the Dark Sphere regulars joined, and off of the back of that I formed the 186th Squadron in January 2015. Yes, you have me to blame for this lot...

I've attended many tournaments, mostly around the South-East, and have even won a few! I play regularly at my local store, Warboar, in Bromley, South-East London; and at Dark Sphere when I can. I've played many wargames, board games and RPGs over the years but now focus on X-Wing and A Game of Thrones LCG.

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