Resident Welshman on the 186th Squadron Podcast, I originally started playing X-Wing as a 40k refugee back in 2013, and never looked back! I originally played online on vassal (under Dodo/jdowdall) due to the lack of a local play group (hey look - a blog of me playing against the world champion back in the day). I also put together a Vassal tutorial series around this time, which seems to have held up to the test of time (fun fact - Alex had actually watched these videos before ever meeting me!)

I moved up to London in mid 2014, where I was able to start playing at Dark Sphere, playing in the league that our overlord Jon setup, very narrowly avoiding knocking him off the top spot.

Since then I've thoroughly enjoyed playing with the rest of the 186th Squadron at events around the country (and abroad)! I also play some of FFG's filthy card games - 40k Conquest and Game of Thrones (although playing is a dubious term to describe how deeply, deeply awful I am at Thrones).

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