A lifetime of playing with plastic miniatures combined with an indelible childhood fascination with all things Star Wars meant that my conversion to X-wing Miniatures was only a matter of time. I was introduced to the game by a good mate, Al Worley, in November 2014 and my free time and wallet have never been the same again.

My first encounter with what was then the nascent 186th squadron was at my very first competitive event, the Warboar store championship in Spring of 2015. I played quite a few of the guys there, got thrashed by Jesper’s Hillbots v0.1 in the Swiss (he wasn’t running Push the Limit on them back then…) and ended up narrowly losing the top 4 semi-final against Jon Webb. Needless to say, I made a few acquaintances that day and I’m glad that many moons later, those acquaintances are friends that I can share the joys (and pains) of X-wing with.

I am omnivorous and have experienced success with all factions. Fat Han’s, Brobots and Palp Aces etc. Some might call that ‘Net Listing’… I prefer the deluded perception of self-genius.

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